The Arting Company – Silver Strand Beach Gallery

The Arting Company is a Studio Gallery on Silver Strand Beach. It is run by entrepreneur and artist Sarah Mae Smedley. Each month the Arting Company highlights a local artist, alternating different types of mediums. They’ve displayed exhibits of painting, … Continue reading

Why You Should Set Up A Real Estate Service Networking Group With the Chamber of Commerce

Well, it looks like now that we have entered 2013 the real estate market is picking up again after that terrible crash in 2008. This is good news because construction is one of the things that usually helps lead our … Continue reading

Expanded Panama Canal – How Will That Affect International Commerce and US Distribution? Port Hueneme Port Will Feel The Changes

Well, I am sure Warren Buffet has a strategy in mind to ensure that his railroad can handle the changes occurring in global trade distribution, namely the opening of the Northwest Passage for shipping and the expansion of the Panama … Continue reading

Outside Sales Management For Chamber of Commerce Membership in the Low Rent District

Many chambers of commerce found their membership rosters slowing down, mostly due to the recession, but also due to social online networking. Many businesses felt they didn’t need to go to chamber mixers or get involved in the business community … Continue reading

If City Governments Want More Business License Revenue – Offer the First Year Free?

Not long ago, I was talking to a very competent and hard-working young lady at a nearby municipality in charge of business licensing. This particular city had been doing various restructuring and budget cuts. Of course, they aren’t alone, it … Continue reading