Future Artists Beware – Computer Algorithms Can Sketch Like You, For You and No Longer Need You

Is your career as an artist numbered? The reason I ask is that I’ve joined a local art group and those who are doing the sketching, painting, and training and teaching of other artists still have some work to do … Continue reading

Children Can Learn to Paint By Numbers – How About By Robotic Toys?

A few years back, I met an interesting grad student who’d done work helping autistic kids learn using computers and avatars. Their work was part of a larger area of study which had concluded that autistic kids working with computerized … Continue reading

All Lit Up Productions Hosts Local Artists Event – Organized By Josh Martin

Well, just when the Artists’ Groups in Ventura were chocking off Oxnard as DOA when it comes to the art scene, now we have multiple new start-up groups providing several new venues. Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Josh … Continue reading

Life As An Artist’s Model – Get Paid For Getting a Tan – You Wish

Well, having become involved with a local artists group in the Channel Islands Area, I realized that my pre-conceived notions about the lives of artists was totally misguided. Perhaps you too have some false visions as to how the art … Continue reading

Robotic Sketching Artists – Will They Surpass the Talents of the Artists Melting Pot Group in the Channel Islands Area?

Several months ago, I was talking to a very nice painter and artist from South Africa. She was born in London, and picked out a nice place with a scenic view to do her artistry. You see, I had written … Continue reading

Bohemian Nights Art Gallery in Oxnard – Impressive

Not long ago, I got a history lesson from artist Agustin Bravo of Oxnard. He has some brilliant pieces he’s created which almost offer up a historical pictorial of Mexico’s history across the walls of his painting shop. If you … Continue reading

The Port Hueneme Beach Festival – Are You A Local Channel Islands Area Artist?

Perhaps, you have been living under a rock and you haven’t heard about the new Artists Melting Pot. It’s a club for local area artists and it’s really make waves. Speaking of waves you can come say “hi” to all … Continue reading