Nancy Cozza

God Bless "N"

Here is Nancy Cozza painting another pristine work of art using her God given talents. Once a painting is completed she simply signs it “n” for Nancy.

Nancy started her artist career as a young child and as a little girl of 5 her foster parents painted her into their landscape paintings, forever immortalizing her on canvas, little did she know at the time she’d grow up and become a talented and accomplished artisan. In elementary school Nancy studied art, dance and music. She was a Brownie and helped in the Children’s Home where she had been placed with her sister. As early as age 8, Nancy was doing embroidery and by age ten she’d designed and made her own clothes and for a baby sitter.

Nancy started her first business ironing and helping the maids with chores instead of napping. She was helping to mend and was sewing and continued making her own clothes after she went to live with her mother and step father at age 12. Nancy was soon making men’s suits and wedding dresses. Today Nancy is a master level seamstress on machine and fine sewing working and crafting with yarns. Her clothes, purses and other decorative items boast a flair for her preference for Bohemian Styles of fabric and art. Nancy is also an avid gardener who works tirelessly grooming and shaping her plans with Bonsai techniques often trimming with scissors one leaf at a time.

Nancy graduated at age 18 from AC College of Beauty in Austin, Texas and owned her first salon at age 23. She built it up and sold it, and then started another while attending the local college studying micro-biology, biology, business, creative writing and advanced oil painting. Then she closed that salon, sold the assets and went to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville where she studied poetry, writing, Spanish, business accounting, computer science and psychology – all the while continuing her tradition of studying art and dance throughout her education.

In 1994 Nancy moved out to California where she attended Pepperdine University eventually achieving her degree in psychology with a minor in their new Humanics Program (operating a nonprofit) as one of the first students of that new curriculum. She also made training videos helping those who deal with at-risk youth. At Pepperdine her GPA was a whopping 3.99, not an easy task.

In Port Hueneme, CA Nancy was instrumental in uniting the community while serving on the Chamber of Commerce Business Outreach Team. As chairwoman, she worked to bring businesses together with the nonprofit sector, including partnering local artists with businesses. Between 1996-1999 she headed up the Grampa Tree Project saving the nostalgia and peaceful serenity feel of Port Hueneme. Nancy helped to bring St. Vincent DePaul Thrift Store to Port Hueneme from Oxnard where it had been serving the underprivileged for seven years. The plan was supported by council members and local citizens.

As a businesswoman locally, Nancy Cozza was the owner of Sunshine Helpers and taught house cleaning and floor cleaning to professionals. She managed, trained, and marketed her company, and through solid business networking in the community it became a very popular local service brand.

Today, Nancy volunteers and teaches Christian Ethics and Work Ethics one-on-one, continuing to give back to the community she loves. She is collecting monies for Habitat for Humanity and Wounded Warriors. Currently, she involves herself with dance exercise routines and classes and is sketching 4-5 times per week.

Nancy Cozza artistic talents have reached master levels, her favorite medium is oil for portraits and landscapes. She is working to achieve master level on 10-different paintings at a time – drying and varnishing – one painting is on its 3rd varnish cycle to achieve a transparent look. Her paintings sell for between $5,000 and $60,000 – and she starts a new painting, often for a friend or for donation to a worthy cause every 4-weeks.

All in all, Nancy is uniquely suited to deal with the management challenges and time constraints of a large nonprofit sector organization. Having a psychology background, nonprofit organizational management education along with a small business history she will be able to deal with the creative genius minds of our member artists, while helping them succeed in the art world.

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