Future Artists Beware – Computer Algorithms Can Sketch Like You, For You and No Longer Need You

Is your career as an artist numbered? The reason I ask is that I’ve joined a local art group and those who are doing the sketching, painting, and training and teaching of other artists still have some work to do … Continue reading

Children Can Learn to Paint By Numbers – How About By Robotic Toys?

A few years back, I met an interesting grad student who’d done work helping autistic kids learn using computers and avatars. Their work was part of a larger area of study which had concluded that autistic kids working with computerized … Continue reading

Oceanview Pavilion at Hueneme Beach Concert Summer Series – Simply Awesome

It was amazing the turn out for the first “free” community concert hosted by Oceanview Pavilion. As you know the Air National Guard Band of the Southwest played – the Jazz Ensemble & Concert Band on June 30, 2013. Now … Continue reading

Newly Renovated Holiday Inn Express Port Hueneme Beach Location Ready for Summer

The Channel Islands Chamber is happy to announce that the newly renovated Holiday Inn Express Port Hueneme is fully operational and ready for business. This is a very nice facility and they are serving our community with the finest of … Continue reading

New Restaurant, L & J Delicious Café, in the City of Port Hueneme

Well everybody we have a brand new restaurant in Port Hueneme. L & J Delicious Café is owned and operated locally by Leonardo (de Caprio, just kidding) Rivera and Jesus (of the Bible, just kidding again) Olivera. These two young … Continue reading