Summer Is Here In the Channel Islands Area

Well, it’s pretty obvious that summer is here and the tourist season is alive and well. I met someone today from Clovis California, and in case you don’t know where that is, it’s near Fresno, which just happens to be … Continue reading

The New Seabee Museum is Going to Be Spectacular!

Well, a couple of days ago, an acquaintance suggested that we stop in at the Seabee Museum at Naval Base Ventura County. The old museum has been moved and all the older artifacts as well, except the totem pole. The … Continue reading

Have An Empty Retail Space in the Channel Islands Area – How About a Temporary Art Gallery

Not long ago, I was talking to the property manager of a prime piece of commercial real estate in the center of downtown Oxnard. Two days before that I’d got off the phone with a retail space property manager in … Continue reading

Speed Dating Type Chamber of Commerce Mixers

Hey, how would you like to liven up your chamber of commerce meetings, or perhaps try something new? Let me explain. After having joined some 200 plus chambers of commerce across the nation in my business career, I noticed something … Continue reading

Port Hueneme Pier In Critical Danger Without a Near Term Sand Delivery

The meeting with the City of Port Hueneme and the residents in the Hueneme Beach Community went well today as Mr. Santamaria from the City of Port Hueneme explained the impending crisis with beach erosion. It’s well known the challenges … Continue reading

Beach Erosion Challenges in Port Hueneme California

Most of the residents in Port Hueneme, CA are well aware of the challenges they face with sand migration and beach erosion. Each year the sand builds up in the sand traps at the harbor mouth as it makes its … Continue reading

What to Name Your Paintings

One thing that artists like to do is to name their best drawings and paintings. In a way this helps them psychologically take ownership in their work, and it is also a sense of pride, a calling out internally to … Continue reading

The Arting Company – Silver Strand Beach Gallery

The Arting Company is a Studio Gallery on Silver Strand Beach. It is run by entrepreneur and artist Sarah Mae Smedley. Each month the Arting Company highlights a local artist, alternating different types of mediums. They’ve displayed exhibits of painting, … Continue reading

Annual Port Hueneme “Relay for Life” Event Another Success

The Relay for Life is to raise both awareness and much needed funds for the American Cancer Society. In Port Hueneme the Relay for Life for the last good many years has been run by Tracy Sisson-Phillips and thanks to … Continue reading